Sunday, June 09, 2024

Visuino is updated to support the new ESP32 3.0 platform!

Few days ago Espressif released new version of the ESP32 Arduino platform 3.0.

Unfortunately the 3.0 version has a large number of breaking changes, and was not compatible with the Visuino generated code :-( .
This sent me scrambling to update Visuino to the new version, and today finally I was able to make a release fixing this :-).

Here is a video showing how to upgrade the ESP32 platform to 3.0.X:

Please note that while Visuino mostly uses its own libraries, there are couple of exceptions. As example it uses the IRremote library to work with Infrared Remote transmitters.

Sadly ESP32 3.0 does not support the Hall Sensor any more, so I was forced to also remove the support for it :-( . Trust me, I tried all I could to find any way to support it, but since there was no source for the support on low level, that I was able to find, I had to give up :-( .

ESP32 3.0 also changes the default partitions for the boards. You may need to change the partition if you are building a big project!

Here is a video showing how to change the ESP32 Partition:

Currently the IRremote library is not yet ESP32 3.0.X compatible. Hopefully it will be updated in the coming days, but at present there are problems when using Infrared Remote devices with ESP32 :-( .

You can download the latest Visuino here:

Please Enjoy! :-)

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