Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas, and Happy New year

Merry Christmas, and Happy New year everyone!
After few sick days I am back and again making progress on all fronts ;-) .
There were number of improvements in the Wiki page generator. The first prototype of the Wiki synchronizer is operational and I have been testing it for a while with a test wiki site.
VideoLab .NET and AudioLab .NET now have test installs are have been submitted to selected beta customers for early evaluation and feedback. due to some serious issues with the new Microsoft VC++/CLI now I am seriously considering using native C++ and C# to generate the .NET proxies. We will do some evaluation of the techniques in the next month or so, and will decide based on the results.
The IPP 5.1 conversion also is going well with a single component left that still shows some misbehaviour. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next few days.
I have also set up news server and will be making it public in the next few days. Here are some of the newsgroups:

you can also access the newsgroups through web interface here:

You can explore to see all the newsgroups :-) .
Stay tuned for more.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More on the Wiki Doc

The Wiki Doc integration tool slowly takes shape. The basic tool is ready as prototype and is able to upload changes from our help and to detect collisions with the Wiki changes. The next step is to allow collision resolution. Hopefully the Wiki site will be opened for editing soon :-)

New functionality in the libraries

We just added Amplitude mode decibels support in SignalLab. I am also working to get HLS Histogram support in VideoLab. This should be a nice addition ;-)
We also have added ASF Player component in VideoLab and now can support IP streams with authentication including IP Cameras. As a next step we will be exploring the VideoLAN integration.
Stay tuned form more news.

Moving to IPP 5.1

We are finally officially moving to IPP 5.1 . It took a while to port all the object files and to make changes in the libraries. So far only 3 components are not working properly under 5.1 and we will be working to fix those in the next few days.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

LabPacks Wiki Doc Beta is here :-)

We are starting a pilot Beta program for Wiki LabPacks documentation.
We have exported mist of the help files to Wiki and they are available here:
This is read only version for now. We will be working to export the rest of the Help files and to get synchronization tools to keep the future changes in sync. Once this is done we will enable the site for editing.
Please send your recommendations to mitov@mitov.com

Friday, December 01, 2006

And the arrival of SignalLab.NET ;-)

Finally SignalLab is also ported. I will post demo applications running on it soon.

From here on it's testing and bug fixing as well as work on installers, generic filters, demos and documentations, and I just thought the tough part was over ;-) .

Visit the Blog again to see snapshots of more test applications.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

And even more LabPacks.NET

There has been enormous progress in the porting of the libraries. Now all VideoLab and AudioLab components are ported with the exception of the Generic Filters. The .NET generic filters obviously will have to be written from scratch in Managed code, although in C++/CLI they should allow native callbacks through the IJW technology. This means that there will be some time before they are ready, as they will also require some form of .NET video, audio and signal buffers. Never the less the progress so far is significant.
There are still 6 components from VideoLab and AudioLab that did not port without some manual changes. We will be working to improve the parser to get them to convert correctly. Obviously the next frontier is poring SignalLab - the most component rich of them all ;-) .
Stay tuned for more updates, and if you are interested in getting .NET prerelease of the libraries, please contact me at mitov@mitov.com .

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More progress on LabPacks.NET

Here is the latest set of converted components,

and here is a running application using VideoLab, AudioLab and PlotLab in combination :-) .

More coming soon.

Temporary Blog

Well... After some digging around for a good PHP blog, I decided for now to use Blogger until I find anything better. Hopefully the search will be over soon. I think it is better to have a bad Blog than not at all ;-) . What do you think?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

VideoLab .NET in porgress again

VideoLab .NET is again under active development. The first few components are already converted tested and even have new .NET 16x16 palette bitmaps.
We hope to have some early prerelease available in the next few days. I plan to spend the rest of the week refining the "VCL in .NET" code converter and writing installation script for the library.

Here you can see a Snapshot of a C# .NET 2.0 project with the PlotLab and the few ported VideoLab components on the Toolbox.

The library has exactly the same performance under .NET as in native Win32 application. This is due to the fact that all the video processing is performed in native thread while the application runs in Managed code. This allows creating of true real time video processing applications using any .NET 2.0 tool such as C# or Visual Basic.NET.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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