Saturday, June 27, 2020

Just received a cool 18650 battery powered ESP8266 Board with OLED Display, and Joystick for the Visuino development :-)

I have received another surprise from my new friends at MakerFocus! A new 18650 Battery powered ESP8266 Board with OLED Display, and Joystick generously donated for the Visuino development!
Thank you MakerFocus!
But this is not all! They have also registered me as Affiliate! This is right! From now on, if you order any of the MakerFocus boards from the links I will be posting, you will be sponsoring my videos, projects. and the Visuino development, and you will be helping me to develop and post more stuff!
So if you like the board and need it for your development, please consider ordering it from this link :-) :

And now without further ado, it is time for Unboxing Video :-) :

After recording the Unboxing Video, I went ahead, and added support for the board in Visuino :-)
Here is now it is mapped currently. This is a acrenshot os a simple test I did to check the module functionality with Visuino:

The module support will be included in the next official Visuino version. I also plan to post Betas of the next version in the Visuino MeWe community, so if you want to get your hands on the new support, please consider joining the community :-)

I hope you all will enjoy the Video :-)
Please stay safe from COVID-19, and try to enjoy more your Arduinos and other controllers, and try to catch up with your DIY Projects!
I am working on more videos, and adding a lot of new cool stuff in Visuino so stay tuned.. ;-)

Cheers everyone,