Thursday, November 01, 2007

Version 3.1 is finally here!

We have finally released Version 3.1 of the libraries.
All the libraries are now officially released for .NET 2.0, and ohh... boy do we have a lot of new stuff in .NET !
We have all the assemblies signed.
The DLLs are assembly resources.
The assemblies now are registered in the GAC and Visual Studio will pick them automatically.
All the design editors working in .NET .
The binary data of the components is stored in the form resources.
The Image properties are working properly.
All the properties and components have descriptions.
The pin connections are now stored in the resources solving the CodeDOM problems in the previous version.
The after pin connections are working.
All the examples are now available in .NET
The installation process is significantly improved.
And we even have improved the help files ;-) .
It took 4 more weeks than expected to get it all done, but we are sure you will love the result :-) .

Please try the new .NET versions, and enjoy them :-) .

We have not forgotten the VCL and the Visual C++ users either.
In this version we have:
added full RAD Studio 2007 support
enhanced the help
added number of new demos
new component editors
added 5 new components in AudioLab
improved the SignalLab filter designers

There are also many other fixes across the libraries.