Thursday, December 20, 2007

My birthday

Hi folks,

It is time to see how many people actually check out this blog ;-) .
Well... It is my birthday, let see if I will get any respond here or over e-mail ;-) .

This year the gifts however will be for you. I have added a number of tutorials for VideoLab, AudioLab and SignalLab -, and I am working on more tutorials both for Visual Studio (C#, VB.NET, J#, C++/CLI) and RAD Studio (Delphi and C++ Builder).

The Scope component is also getting a major overhaul. Some down-sampling has been added and the component can now work very fast with more than 1 million samples. More down-sampling will be added and we expect further speed improvements. There are also number of other features added, including rectangular zones for marking and axis interactions. We are also working on adding more axis to the scope, and associating the channels with them.

The libraries are also getting more demos added. With all of this and a lot of fixes and improvements across the libraries, we hope that the next release will be even more fun to use. Our current plan is to have release around the end of January, but it may depend of how the testing will go. As usual we will not release until we are 100% satisfied with the quality.