Friday, June 30, 2017

The CodeCraft Micro Conference Wednesday - "Engineering Machine Learning with Spark" by Liz Hurley, and "Programming Robots with Visuino" by me :-)

Wednesday evening I had a chance to join the great CodeCraft Micro Conference.
CodeCraft if organized typically once a month by CJ Affiliate in the form of open conference. I have attended few of the events in the past, and even presented couple of times.
In this event, the main presentation was "Engineering Machine Learning with Spark" by Liz Hurley .
The presentation was very good and informative. Liz did a great job introducing Spark, and making a live presentation of doing Wikipedia articles clustering with Machine Learning using Spark.
After her presentation, I was given the opportunity to show some of my robots programmed with Visuino, and also to show the code controlling the robots.
Here are some pictures of the event:

The crowd:

And me enjoying some of the food generously provided by CJ Affiliate :

Liz Hurley presenting Spark:

And me showing off robots and Visuino:

Connecting up my Android phone with the 2 remote controlled robots (One over Bluetooth, and the other over WiFi):

Driving the robots around:

Showing the remote control App around the room:

Demonstrating the Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Robot:

Demonstrating the Obstacle Avoidance of the robot:

Showing the 2 versions of Elegoo robots:

And Explaining the Visuino design:

The evening ended with few more lighting talks, including "Building apps with AWS" (using Amazon Lambdas) by Mircea N:

This was yet another great CodeCraft event, and I enjoyed it a lot. I will try my best to attend more of the vents this year if my usual work overload allows me. 
I greatly recommend CodeCraft to anyone that can join!


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Video: HO Scale Märklin Model Train controlled by Visuino programmed ESP8266

Jezy Zie just posted a cool video of what appears to be HO Scale Märklin Model Train controlled by Visuino programmed ESP8266 :-)

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Assemble Elegoo Smart Car Robot KIT 2.0 Step 13: Joining the 2 layers of the Chassis together, and connecting the rest of the cables

Few of months ago the great folks at Elegoo sent me a beautiful Robot Kit Version 1.0.
I already posted Assembly Instructions, and some tutorials on programming it.
Since then Elegoo introduced a newer and simpler to assemble 2.0 version, and the Elegoo folks just sent me this really beautiful Smart Car Robot KIT Version 2.0 donated for the Visuino development.

I already posted:

Unboxing video
Step 1: Assembling the Motors.
Step 2: Installing the Motors on the Chassis
Step 3: Installing the Motor Driver Board
Step 4: Installing the Line Following Sensors
Step 5: Installing the Arduino Board and the Sensors Shield
Step 6: Installing  the Infrared Remote Receiver Module

Step 7: Installing the Battery Box on the Chassis
Step 8: Installing the Servo turning the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 9: Assemble the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 10: Installing the Ultrasonic Ranger on the Servo
Step 11: Installing the Standoffs/Spacers on the Chassis
Step 12: Start Connecting The Cables between the sensors, and the boards

I am preparing the rest of the Assembly videos and will post them in the following days. I have also already mapped the Robot's Shield functionality in Visuino, and I have done few projects with it :-) . Even had a chance to show it programmed for Bluetooth control last week at the Hackaday event in Pasadena, and last night at CodeCraft in Westlake Village :-) .
Hopefully soon I will try to make some Visuino tutorials for the Robot.


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Received 3 great GSM/GPRS/GPS IoT Maduino modules for Visuino from my friends at Makerfabs!

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting, for sure! While I was working around the clock to finish the LabPacks updates, I received quite a few great surprises for the Visuino development.
I already posted about the IOLinker FPGA modules. Then I received a full set of chipKIT modules, and even had a chance to add support for them in Visuino.
But it did not end there, I also received 3 great Maduino IoT modules from my good friends from Makerfabs :

The modules as everything made by Makerfabs are of great quality, all are GMS enabled, and here are some pictures:

And picture of the modules in their protective bags:

I am very thankful to my friends from Makerfabs, and I am looking forward to have the modules supported by Visuino .

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hackaday LA June Meetup Last Thursday - Wheels, Wings, and Walkers

Last Tuesday, I attended the Hackaday LA June Meetup - Wheels, Wings, and Walkers organized by Dan and Shulie from Supplyframe DesignLab. It was another great event with 3 very good presentations:

  • The Robodox Team - presenting their cool robots
  • Sabri Sansoy - Artificial Intelligence Today
  • Garrett Scott - Designing with Flexibility

Indeed there were a lot of Robots (Wheels, Wings and Walkers), AI and Microcontrollers :-)
Here are some pictures from the event:

The gathering crowd:

The showoff area with plenty of cool stuff:

Including my Visuino programmed robots:

A cool walking robot:

Visuino showing the Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Robot design:

And Actuator controlled Wings :

Some of the robots of the "The Robodox Team":

Shulie opening the event:

And passing the microphone to Dan:

The Robodox Team presenting their robots:

Sabri Sansoy - Artificial Intelligence Today:

Garrett Scott - Designing with Flexibility:

Ane be at the event:

Here showing Shulie how to control one of my robots with Bluetooth from Android phone:


And finally time to bring the robots home:

Thank you Dan and Shulie for this really fantastic event!
Looking forward to more great Hackaday events organized by Dan and Shulie :-)