Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Received a cool Mars 3D UV Printer from Elegoo and posted Unboxing Video

Couple of weeks ago my good friends at Elegoo sent me a really cool Mars 3D UV Printer.

Here are the parts included in the set:

And the package:

Unfortunately I was in the middle of a lot of work adding large number of new features to Visuino, and I was not able to post unboxing video at that time.
Now with the latest Visuino release out, I finally had the chance to record, edit, and post the Unboxing Video:

I am brand new to 3D Printing, and now I am learning about it. As it turns out this is probably the very best printer for beginners, and seems to be very easy to setup and use. I plan to post my progress and show you my experience as a complete 3D newbie with this nice printer :-) .
Stay tuned for more videos of the printer and my struggles in the magical world of 3D printing :-)


#Elegoo #3DPrinter