Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ITDevCon presentations posted

Hi folks,

I am back from ITDevCon in Italy, and now have finally uploaded the presentations and the demo code from the sessions:

Developing multithreaded applications with Delphi:

Artificial Intelligence with Delphi:

Video and Audio processing with Delphi:

Delphi friendly GDI+ with the free open source IGDI+ library:

Computer Vision with Delphi:

Some of the demos use few VideoLab and VisionLab components. You can download them for free from .

With best regards,
Boian Mitov

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ITDevCon day 2

Hi folks,

Ohhhh boy... It this conference a great fun!
The second day is just kicking in, and I am in the Pawel Glowacki's session on "Delphi Natural Input". Although I have seen sessions on the subject before, Pawel is a great speaker, and being at his session is a real joy.
We also visited Verona after the sessions last night. We went there from 8 PM to midnight. The city obviously has a great night life, and it is very beautiful. I hopefully will have chance to see it at daytime, and make better pictures than the poor night time ones I did with my cameta. Hopefully I will have something to post here :-) .
The Italian people a great! They are very friendly, and I had a lot of joy. It is also great to be able to drink real Italian coffe again, and have real Italian pizza :-) .
I will be doing 3 sessions today. The good news is that there will be at least one gap, and they are not completely one after another. Yestarday after 2 sessions back to back I was exausted :-D . The Italian wine we had after the sessions however surely helped me recover fast :-D .

Ok... Time to focus back on the sessions. More to come later.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

ITDevCon Day 1

Hi folks,

I have made it to Italy and now I am at ITDevCon, enjoying the Italian hospitality, the beautiful weather today, and the first great sessions :-) .
Later today I will have to do my first 2 sessions on Artificial Intelligence, and Video and Audio processing with Delphi.
If you are at ITDevCon, I hope you will join and enjoy the sessions :-) .
The BitTime folks have surprised me with a small table for my marketing materials, and you are welcome to stop by for a chat :-) .
I will see to post some updates as the conference goes.