Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Received my "iolinker" FPGA boards for flexible Arduino microcontroller I/O, and about to start the Visuino support work on them

Couple of months ago, Julian von Mendel started his IOLinker project on Kickstarter - "iolinker FPGA boards: Rewire and extend microcontroller IOs".
The project was really cool, offering flexible FPGA IO configuration for Arduino boards. He also contacted me, and we decided that it will be really cool if the modules can be programmed with Visuino.
The campaign was a success, and few days ago I received my IOLinker boards, and now I can start working on programming them with Visuino :-)

For the last 2 weeks, I have been mainly busy with the work on the upcoming release of all of my libraries - www.mitov.com,  however this work is nearly complete, and I am getting back to Visuino work, so the coming days will be really exciting :-) .

#Visuino #Arduino

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