Sunday, September 30, 2018

Assemble Pre Production Penguin-Bot Arduino Robot KIT Step 7: Finish the Assembly

Few weeks ago, the great folks from Elegoo sent me a  Cool new Penguin-Bot Arduino Robot KIT .
The Robot is now available to purchase. The KIT I used in the video was a pre production version.
I have also received the production version, and will post videos for it too :-)

I already posted:

Unboxing Video
Step 1: Assemble The Feet, and Install the Servos controlling them
Step 2: Assemble The Legs
Step 3: Install The Legs
Step 4: Install and Connect the Arduino Control Board
Step 5: Install and Connect the Speakers
Step 6: Install and Connect the Ultrasonic Ranger

Here is the 7th Assembly Video - Finish the Assembly

I am preparing the Assembly videos for the release version of the Robot and will post them in the following days. I have also started mapping the Robot's functionality in Visuino, and hope to have improved support in few days.
After that I will try to make some Visuino tutorials for the Robot.


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