Monday, December 21, 2009

My Birthday again

Hi folks,

It is my birthday again, and I am having great time :-) .
I also got a great gift yesterday from a good friend in Germany, a Z scale Marklin train set:

It is a lot of fun! I have been fascinated by the Z scale products for years, and it is even greater gift, to have one of their 150 years anniversary sets :-) . Hopefully I will have time and chance to expand it in the future to a full scale miniature world :-) .
While enjoying the birthday, and the train set, I have not forgotten you guys, and I am working on a number of new surprises to be available as Betas early next year, but I will leave them as surprises for now, so the joy will be real when you see them for first time ;-) .


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Warning: Dangerous Windows Vista update

Hi folks,

Microsoft got me again!

Last night it has installed a new update, and this morning my system was unable to boot, blue screening each time :-( .

After spending many hours first removing hardware to barebone, and then repeatedly running the Vista restore utility from the install disk, I was able to recover the system to a working condition from restore points.

Now a lot of my configurations and products are in a messy state, especially my VMWare installation, but at least the system seems to work fine otherwise.
I guess I have at least one more day ahead of me fixing installations, and configurations. Thank you Microsoft, for the great damage you did again!

Now I have surely disabled the automatic updates.

Today I have also heard from a customer that the same thing happened to 3 systems at their place yesterday, so it seems to be not only my system, but a much bigger update problem :-( .
As for my VMWare, some genius there has decided to use .MSI installs. Guess what? The install states that there is installed already version, and I have to uninstall it first, but when I open the Installed Applications window from the control panel, the VMWare is not listed :-( . So I am stuck! The VMWare on my system is not operational at the moment.
I have also tried the "Windows Install Clean Up" utility, but no luck with it either. It does not list the VMWare install :-( .

Please let me know if you have had similar experience in the last 1-2 days!

Be careful when installing Microsoft updates. I would suggest waiting couple of days and checking if there are reports of problems before updating.