Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adding MPU9250 Gyro Accelerator Magnetometer 9 Axis Gesture Module support in Visuino

Last week GearBest sent me 2 modules that I plan to support in Visuino. The first is a CJMCU - 116 MPU9250 Gyro Accelerator Magnetometer 9 Axis Gesture Module with SPI / IIC communication.
After clearing the queue of other tasks, I am now starting work on the module.
Naturally the first step is unpacking:

The module came well packed in the proper antistatic bag, and with included straight pin header.

Here is the unpacked module, and pin header:

The pn labeling is conveniently on both sides of the module:

And yes, you see clear, the board exposed areas are gold plated! Something that I have rarely seen nowadays. Altogether it looks like very high quality and capable module!

The module has X/Y/Z gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass with built it dedicated signal processor all that in a single chip. It has some other features such as slave I2C, but I will experiment with them after I get the basic functionality working.

Next step was soldering the module. I decided to soldier 90 degree angled pin headers, as they make it easier to experiment with, and when taking pictures for tutorials ;-) :

Once soldered, I connected the module to Arduino Nano, and ran a simple Sketch to test it:

Here is the output from the Serial Terminal:

Now that I know the module is working, I can start developing the Visuino component for it. Hopefully some early version of it will be available in the next couple of days :-) .