Friday, June 30, 2017

The CodeCraft Micro Conference Wednesday - "Engineering Machine Learning with Spark" by Liz Hurley, and "Programming Robots with Visuino" by me :-)

Wednesday evening I had a chance to join the great CodeCraft Micro Conference.
CodeCraft if organized typically once a month by CJ Affiliate in the form of open conference. I have attended few of the events in the past, and even presented couple of times.
In this event, the main presentation was "Engineering Machine Learning with Spark" by Liz Hurley .
The presentation was very good and informative. Liz did a great job introducing Spark, and making a live presentation of doing Wikipedia articles clustering with Machine Learning using Spark.
After her presentation, I was given the opportunity to show some of my robots programmed with Visuino, and also to show the code controlling the robots.
Here are some pictures of the event:

The crowd:

And me enjoying some of the food generously provided by CJ Affiliate :

Liz Hurley presenting Spark:

And me showing off robots and Visuino:

Connecting up my Android phone with the 2 remote controlled robots (One over Bluetooth, and the other over WiFi):

Driving the robots around:

Showing the remote control App around the room:

Demonstrating the Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Robot:

Demonstrating the Obstacle Avoidance of the robot:

Showing the 2 versions of Elegoo robots:

And Explaining the Visuino design:

The evening ended with few more lighting talks, including "Building apps with AWS" (using Amazon Lambdas) by Mircea N:

This was yet another great CodeCraft event, and I enjoyed it a lot. I will try my best to attend more of the vents this year if my usual work overload allows me. 
I greatly recommend CodeCraft to anyone that can join!


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