Friday, June 23, 2017

Just received my chpKIT (Arduino compatible PIC) boards, and excited to add Visuino support for them

The last few days have been very exciting, for sure! While I was working around the clock to finish the LabPacks updates, I received quite a few great surprises for the Visuino development.
Few days ago I received the IOLinker FPGA modules, and posted about them. Then couple of days later I got another surprise. A full set of chipKIT modules for the upcoming chipKIT support in Visuino, thanks to Guy McCarthy :

I have been very excited about chipKIT support ever since I met Jacob Christ from Pontech at one of the great Hackaday eventschipKIT allows you to program Microchip PIC controllers with the Arduino IDE, and since I love the PIC controllers, I installed the Arduino IDE support for it as soon as I got home from the event. Without real hardware, I simply tested to compile few projects, but now with the new boards, I can start working on the Visuino support :-)

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