Thursday, June 29, 2017

Received 3 great GSM/GPRS/GPS IoT Maduino modules for Visuino from my friends at Makerfabs!

The last couple of weeks have been very exciting, for sure! While I was working around the clock to finish the LabPacks updates, I received quite a few great surprises for the Visuino development.
I already posted about the IOLinker FPGA modules. Then I received a full set of chipKIT modules, and even had a chance to add support for them in Visuino.
But it did not end there, I also received 3 great Maduino IoT modules from my good friends from Makerfabs :

The modules as everything made by Makerfabs are of great quality, all are GMS enabled, and here are some pictures:

And picture of the modules in their protective bags:

I am very thankful to my friends from Makerfabs, and I am looking forward to have the modules supported by Visuino .

#Visuino #Arduino

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