Thursday, April 11, 2024

Visuino at Maker Faire LA

Last Saturday I was presenting Visuino at the Maker Faire LA. The event was organized together with City of Stem and hosted at the Los Angeles State Historic Park :-)
Daniel Sidman also came and joined me at the booth helping me as volunteer, and I am very grateful for his help!
It was huge event, with tens of thousands of visitor, and it was extremely exhausting. I barely found time to snap few pictures between the visitors, and here are some of them:

Here are some pictures of the Visuino booth:

And some of the great neighbors :-)
Travis Hughes and Scarab: the Environmental Data Collection Robot:

Mandel Lum and his super cool "Flip a Table" project! :-)

And some pictures of the crowd! :-)

Altogether, it was a fantastic event, and I really enjoyed it! 
It was the first time I was presenting at a Maker Faire or any event of such huge size, and I made a lot of mistakes in preparing for it, but at the end it went better than I anticipated!
Looking forward to attending more fun events in the near future, and presenting Visuino to the excited crowd!

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