Thursday, April 01, 2021

New! Steaming Hot "Steamduino"! Just add water!

 For the last decade Arduino boards have become the central piece of many maker's, research and engineering projects, bringing to life countless dreams.

Affordable, reliable, well suited for real time tasks, and coming in many shapes and with a wide range of processing, peripheral and I/O capabilities, they have become indispensable tool for any maker today. While their capabilities as powerful controller boards are beyond any doubt, sometimes we as makers need more...

Having a capable board controlling our project is great, but we also need to power the mechanical motion of our projects. Having a reliable mechanical power source for many modern maker's projects is a must. For years we have had to rely on addons as motor shields, DC, Servo or stepper motors, and other improvised solutions just to be able to get some level of mobility or motion for our project. Not only that, but to top it off we often struggle to power it all, be it by adding unreliable batteries, or by running messy power wires, and adding power adapters to an already complex project. 

Have you ever looked at the mess of cables and wished you can go away with them? Or maybe you were somewhere in the jungle, or in deep cave, or on high mountain at night and wondered how do I power this great mud swinging, or maybe snow ball making contraption? Sure you can use batteries, but what to do when the power in them inevitably runs out?

And while we all enjoy the high speed of all those Arduinos, there are the times when we want to slow down the execution, and enjoy the view of the passing bytes while the processor leisurely strolls down the execution paths of the algorithms. And would not it be really nice sometimes to have a way to just switch to reverse and go back that branch we just entered, reliving all those beautiful binary sceneries on the way?

Say it no more, as there is a salvation steaming your way!

The board with shining boiler, and slim cylinders - Steamduino ! The very first steam powered Arduino compatible board!

Combines the computing power of traditional Arduino controller board, with the mechanical power of a modern steam engine. Compatible with all standard Arduino shields. steam engine line shafts, and capable to use wide range of fuels, Steamduino is the board to go for any modern makers project!

Steamduino can be powered from almost any type of fuel, wood, coal, gasoline, diesel, alcohol,  methane, and even hot dreams...! Just add water!

With fully reversible Stephenson Valve Gear allowing precise speed control, you will always be able to slow down the execution speed end even reverse it for easy debugging.

But wait! There is more... A special Cappuccino making steam wand attachment is available as add on!

So now you can sip your favorite drink while enjoying your new project off the power grid!

And all this just in time for April 1st 2021! :-)


SuperTech-IT said...

Funny how this was posted on Aril 01....LOL

Unknown said...

Always Loved Steam Punk Style :) and I am Arduino Too :)