Monday, May 01, 2017

The first Delphi 10.2 Tokyo compatible port of most of the Mitov Software components with partial iOS support, in addition to Windows, Linux, MAC and Android is now available

Hello all of you Delphi, and C++ Builder fans out there,

I have just updated the Delphi and C++ Builder 10.2 Tokyo compatible installers with initial partial iOS port of large number of the components.

UPDATE1: More VideoLab components are posted to Cross Platform, and the Android and iOS support is improved :-)

UPDATE2: New Video Capture component has been added for Cross Platform support is improved :-)

UPDATE3: Rebuilt with the latest 10.2.2 version of RAD Studio

UPDATE4: Compatible with 10.2.3 version of RAD Studio

UPDATE5: Added more components and features. Includes new design for the OPC support.

UPDATE6: 11/04/2018 Improver Design Time support, and introduction of the new Dynamic Type Info technology.

The libraries also support WindowsLinux, MAC and Android.

I have also uploaded a compatible version of the OpenWire Studio here:

The installers are only for 10.2 Tokyo, and have been tested with both Delphi and C++ Builder. I will be doing more tests in the coming days, and will be doing further improvements. I will also see to post installers for 10.0 Seattle, and 10.1 Berlin as well.


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stein said...

Hello, thank you for these tools, it's amazing how easy you can build your app with that !
Also have you developping something about the compatibility of the audiolab for android?
Thanks again,