Sunday, May 14, 2017

Creating Visuino Components Video Tutorial by Swellington Santos

Swellington Santos just posted a great Video Tutorial on creating Visuino components using the Visuino SDK and Delphi :-).

He has also posted more details and links to resources here:

The Video shows step by step how to get the Free Delphi Starter Edition, how to download and install the Visuino SDK, and how to develop and install your components in Visuino.
It is very detailed, and I am sure will be a great help to anyone who wants to develop components for Visuino !

Congratulations Swellington Santos ! You have really outdone yourself this time!

If you want to develop Visuino components, you can download the free Visuino SDK available in the Visuino G+ Community.

Currently the SDK is based on Delphi, and you will need at least the free Delphi starter edition to develop components. I am also looking into ways to allow in the future at least some components to be developed without the need of Delphi.

I am looking forward to see more people starting to develop and post Visuino components in the future :-)


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