Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Swellington Santos just posted 2 more Visuino components developed by him!

Swellington Santos just posted 2 more Visuino components that he developed using the Visuino SDK :-).

Visuino Random Char Generator:


and Visuino Chip 74HC595:


Congratulations Swellington Santos ! Very good work as always!

If you want to develop Visuino components, you can download the free Visuino SDK available in the Visuino G+ Community.

Currently the SDK is based on Delphi, and you will need at least the free Delphi starter edition to develop components. I am also looking into ways to allow in the future at least some components to be developed without the need of Delphi.

I am looking forward to see more people starting to develop and post Visuino components in the future :-)


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