Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hackaday LA May Meetup Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I attended the Hackaday LA May Meetup organized by Dan and Shulie  from Supplyframe DesignLab. It was a great event with 2 very good speakers - Mike Szczys and Alberto Molina.
The hosts also provided very tasty treats for all of us :-) .
Here are some pictures from the event:

As always, plenty of food was provided by the organizers:

Dan and Shulie kicking off the event:

Dan opening the event:

And passing the microphone to Shulie:

Always a spirited speaker :-) :

The crowd:

Alberto Molina presenting Modular Robotics:

Some of his Robots:

Mike Szczys presiding 1962 Style Discrete Analog Blink circuitry :-) :

And Joan Horvath giving a Lighting 2 minute talk on teaching Calculus with 3D Printed shapes:

Some of the cool projects displayed:

And no Hackaday event can be complete without a WiFi enabled Mouse Trap :-) :

Homebrew Arcade Games:

Or a homebrew 3D Printer:

And some pictures of me at the end of the event:

Finally a cool project that was too big for the display. A box folding robot:

Looking forward to more great events organized by Dan and Shulie :-)

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