Saturday, April 29, 2017

New version of the OpenWire Studio and updated compatible versions of the Mitov Software libraries!

I have just posted updated version of the OpenWire Studio:

The OpenWire Studio is available both as Installer:

and portable application directory zip:

This version is compatible with the version of the LabPacks installs that I have posted here:
And projects created with OpenWire Studio can be loaded and the data generated by them used in Delphi applications:

OpenWire Studio is a graphical programming IDE that allows creating and running complex designs within minutes and without writing any code utilizing the full speed of our high performance libraries.
It includes all of the Mitov Software libraries.
OpenWire Studio is designed to be extremely easy to use even by the most inexperienced users, while at the same time including very powerful and advanced features for the power users.
It introduces a number of revolutionary features, such as:
  • auto suggesting suitable components when a component is selected
  • components and properties wildcard filtering
  • visual live binding for properties methods and events
  • preview and grouping for undo/redo actions
  • preview for the toolbox components
  • in-place property editors
  • hosted component editors/visualizers
  • visual debugging
  • live editing
  • and many more!

This version also includes a number of new components and features, including:
  • Serial Communication Component
  • Socket components
  • MQTT components
  • Modbus Master and Slave, Serial RTU and Ascii components
  • Simple OPC implementation
  • PID and Relay controller
  • Structure and Packet components that allow communication with Visuino
And many more...

This is a preview version compiled with Delphi 10.2 Tokyo. I am working toward making official release of the Mitov Software libraries and will post compatible OpenWire Studio version at that time.

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