Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just received a great PLDuino - Arduino based PLC from Rani Salloum for the Visuino development!

And yesterday I received another surprise! A beautiful and loaded with features PLDuino - Arduino based PLC, generously donated by Rani Salloum for the Visuino development!
Thank you Rani!
The controller is really beautiful, and I will have a blast while adding the support for it in Visuino :-) . It has all kinds of features, including touchscreen Wi-Fi, MicroSD, RTC and more....

Already power it up, and started playing with it. Next will start implementing the functionality in Visuino, so stay tuned... ;-)


#Visuino #Arduino


ScottLeeBear said...

So does Visuino now support the Plduino? Also do you have the ability to use I2C sensors with it?


Boian Mitov said...

Yes ScottLeeBear,
It is supported by Visuino :-)