Saturday, April 15, 2017

Just received a great PLDuino - Arduino based PLC from Rani Salloum for the Visuino development!

And yesterday I received another surprise! A beautiful and loaded with features PLDuino - Arduino based PLC, generously donated by Rani Salloum for the Visuino development!
Thank you Rani!
The controller is really beautiful, and I will have a blast while adding the support for it in Visuino :-) . It has all kinds of features, including touchscreen Wi-Fi, MicroSD, RTC and more....

Already power it up, and started playing with it. Next will start implementing the functionality in Visuino, so stay tuned... ;-)


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ScottLeeBear said...

So does Visuino now support the Plduino? Also do you have the ability to use I2C sensors with it?


Boian Mitov said...

Yes ScottLeeBear,
It is supported by Visuino :-)

John Crisman said...

Can you add the esp functionality to the plduino in visuino. Or a tutorial on how to connect it.

Boian Mitov said...

John Crisman,
Thank you!
The ESP is actually now available through the serial port. The PLDUino people for whatever reason, have not programmed the ESP8266 with standard firmware, instead they have programmed it with LUA, and it requires to be individually programmed with LUA, or the PLDuino to be opened and then the ESP can be programmed itself with Visuino. I will try to program it directly and post tutorial ASAP.

John Crisman said...

Hi Boian,

I was able to get the esp programmed. I just add the necessary code prior to the Mitov portion of the sketch. My next question is if you could do a tutorial on setting up a dht11 with the plduino using visuino. I have been completely unsuccessful. I've been able to program a mega 2560 with visuino to read from the dht11. Just can't get the plduino to read from it.

Thank you,

Boian Mitov said...

John Crisman,

The DHT11 requires a pin that can be switched between input and output. The PLDuino does not have such pins, and can't be used with DHT11 :-( .

John Crisman said...

I kind of had a feeling that was the case. Thank you for affirming that for me.