Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Pictures from the Hackaday LA August Meetup Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I attended the Hackaday LA August Meetup  .
As always, it was a great event, organized by Dan and Shulie and the rest of the team from Supplyframe DesignLab.
There were 2 presentations:

  • Hunter Futo - "We Shape Our Tools & Our Tools Shape Us"
  • Diego Porqueras - "Crowdfunding: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly"
Both presentations were great! 
Hunter Futo focused on the challenges of industrial design process.
Diego Porqueras shared his experience running 3 different Kickstarter campaigns.

Here are some pictures that I took from the event:

Setting up my robots, Visuino, and the EVIVE that I received recently:

Right next to Shulie :

The always great food:

And crowd:

Shulie opening the event:

Followed by Dan :

Captivating the crowd:

Dan helping Hunter Futo to setup for the presentation:

And Hunter Futo making the presentation:

And Diego Porqueras presenting:

and showing his new Actuator Project with the assistance of Shulie :

Some lighting talks at the end of the event:

And me showing the robots, Visuino, and the EVIVE :

As always it was yet another great event! Thank you Dan and Shulie!
Looking forward to more great Hackaday events in the future :-)


#Hackaday #Visuino

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