Saturday, September 09, 2017

Assemble Kuman Arduino Robot Car KIT SM2 Step 7: Connect The Servo

Couple of weeks ago I received a Cool Arduino Robot Car SM2 KIT from the great folks at Kuman generously donated for the Visuino development :-).

I already posted:

Unboxing video
Step 1: Installing the Motors on the Chassis
Step 2: Installing the Battery Box on the Chassis
Step 3: Installing the Wheels, and the Breadboard Shelf on the Chassis
Step 4: Installing the Arduino UNO Board on the Chassis
Step 5: Installing the Ultrasonic Ranger on the Chassis directly or on top of Servo
Step 6: Installing the Breadboards on the Chassis

And here is the 7th assembly video - Connecting the Servo to the Arduino Board:

I am preparing the rest of the Assembly videos and will post them in the following days.
I am also looking into what is the best way to map the Robot functionality in Visuino .
After that I will try to make some Visuino tutorials for the Robot.


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