Tuesday, September 26, 2017

And yet another Great Gift from Kurt Roesener for Visuino - Adalogger FeatherWing - RTC + SD :-)

And Kurt Roesener just surprised me with another gift today :-)

Adalogger FeatherWing - RTC + SD from Adafruit :-) Well... I guess we will be having it supported in Visuino soon :-)

Thank you Kurt for your generosity, and support for the Visuino Community!

#Visuino #Arduino


Kurt Roesener said...

You are most welcome, just contributing to the cause.
I hope you have a battery for it, if not I have found some good deals on Amazon.

Edap pl said...

You started add this device to visuino?

Boian Mitov said...

Edap pl,
I plan to work on it today if the time permits. Have few pesky bugs to fix first.