Friday, August 25, 2017

Just received production EVIVE - Arduino Mega Based Educational Platform and Starter KIT for Visuino support

Just received my production EVIVE and the Starter KIT for it generously donated for the Visuino development :-)
The EVIVE is Arduino Mega based educational platform with builtin LiPo battery, Color Display, ADC, DACs, RTC, Touch Sensors, Motor Drivers, MicroSD, Buttons, Switches, Potentiometers, and more...
It even has built in small breadboard for  prototyping, and read connectors for Bluetooth HC-05/06, ESP8266 WiFi and XBee.
I already have implemented support for most of the EVIVE functionality in Visuino , and now that I have the latest version of EVIVE, I will see to add the rest of the Visuino support in the next few days.

Here is Unboxing Video:

Here are also some pictures from the EVIVE Controller Box:

And the Starter KIT:

At the moment the only functionality not yet supported in Visuino is the touch sensor, and the RTC. Both will be added soon.

Here is how the current EVIVE support in Visuino looks like:

As you can see most of the functionality is already there, and the rest will be there soon :-)

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