Tuesday, August 08, 2017

All the chipKIT modules I received from Microchip are now fully supported in Visuino, including the Basic I/O Shield and its Display :-)

Recently I received a full set of chipKIT modules for the chipKIT support in Visuino, thanks to Guy McCarthy.
After couple of weeks the rork on the modules is completed, and all of them are fully supported by Visuino:-). I have added even a full support for the controllers, and the Basic I/O Shield including its OLED Display, and here is a video of it programmed with Visuino:

Here is how I wired it in Visuino:

Here is also the Visuino project:

Here are also pictures from the modules that I used.

Now planning to post tutorials on using the modules, and programming them with Visuino.
Also, hope that I will be able to add support for more modules in the near future :-)

#Visuino #Arduino #chipKIT

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