Thursday, August 24, 2017

Received 2 great IoT Maduino - Arduino + LoRa Radio modules for Visuino from my friends at Makerfabs!

Couple of days ago, I received another great surprise. 2 Maduino 868/915 MHz LoRa Radio Modules from my good friends at Makerfabs generously donated for the Visuino development:-) .
The modules are small form factor Arduino compatible controllers with RFM95W LoRa on the board, and LiPo Battery support, which makes them perfect for implementing remote sensor or actuator projects, especially in areas that lack any other connectivity infrastructure.
Makerfabs also have 433 MHz RFM98W version of the modules.
Here are some pictures from the modules. As you can see they are, as expected from Makerfabs, of very good quality :

Each module comes with gold plated pin headers, and small antenna:

I am very thankful to my friends from Makerfabs, and I have already added support for them in Visuino . The support will be included in the next Visuino version :-)

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