Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Assemble Elegoo Arduino Smart Car Robot KIT 2.0 Step 16: Installing the HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Few months ago the great folks at Elegoo sent me a beautiful Robot Kit Version 1.0.
I already posted Assembly Instructions, and some tutorials on programming it.
Since then Elegoo introduced a newer and simpler to assemble 2.0 version, and the Elegoo folks sent me this really beautiful Smart Car Robot KIT Version 2.0 donated for the Visuino development.

I already posted:

Unboxing video
Step 1: Assembling the Motors.
Step 2: Installing the Motors on the Chassis
Step 3: Installing the Motor Driver Board
Step 4: Installing the Line Following Sensors
Step 5: Installing the Arduino Board and the Sensors Shield
Step 6: Installing  the Infrared Remote Receiver Module

Step 7: Installing the Battery Box on the Chassis
Step 8: Installing the Servo turning the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 9: Assemble the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 10: Installing the Ultrasonic Ranger on the Servo
Step 11: Installing the Standoffs/Spacers on the Chassis
Step 12: Start Connecting The Cables between the sensors, and the boards
Step 13: Join the 2 layers of the Chassis together, and connect the rest of the cables
Step 14: Installing the Wheels
Step 15: Installing the Batteries

Here is the 16th Assembly Video - Installing the HC-06 Bluetooth Module:

This is the last Assembly video. I have also already mapped the Robot's Shield functionality in Visuino, and I have done few projects with it :-) .

Last week I also showed it to few people at the "TOOLBOX LA: Toytech: Innovations & Challenges W/ Mattel, Microduino, Blake Noh, & Sphero" event hosted by Hub101:

Hope to post video tutorials on programming the Robot with Visuino soon.


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GPC Fazoe Loc said...

How or where can we purchase one of these models please? My son is interested in learning about robotic cars etc.
Thank You

Boian Mitov said...

Hi GPC Fazoe Loc,
I posted a link to the 2.0 version:

They also just released a newer 3.0 version: