Saturday, January 14, 2017

Received a really cool Remote WiFi Robot with Camera and 4 servos Manipulator from Kuman for the Visuino development :-)

This week I received this cool robot from Kuman donated for the Visuino development :-).
It has Remote WiFi control module, Camera, and 4 servos Manipulator.
I will be posting assembly instructions soon, but here is a short unboxing video, and some pictures from the parts :-)

Looking forward to assemble it and start programming it with Visuino :-) . Since it has Wi-Fi camera, I also probably will be able to use it in combination with VideoLab, VisionLab, IntelligenceLab, and CommunicationLab so some fun time is ahead :-)


#Visuino #Arduino


Lionel G said...

Excellent Boïan ! it's cool !

Boian Mitov said...

Thank you Lionel G :-) Hope to post the assembly instructions soon :-)