Friday, January 27, 2017

And my gift for the Chinese New year from Makerfabs - Combined GPS and GSM/GPRS Shield!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

This week I received from Makerfabs my Arduino Nano and NodeMCU IoT Starter Kit for Visuino for the upcoming IoT Bootcamp organized by Mitov Software and Embarcadero.

The great folks from Makerfabs did not miss the opportunity to surprise me with additional gift, just for the Chinese New Year! In the box was included one of their best products! A combined GPS and GSM/GPRS Shield!

As you can see from the pictures, as it has always been my experience with Makerfabs, the Shield is of a superb quality!

As all shields and modules manufactured by Makerfabs, the Shield came with QC sticker.

And with the GPS and the GSM antennas:

The Shield came well packaged, and with cushioning protection for all connector pins:

I am very thankful to my friends from Makerfabs, and wish them all, and all of you Happy Chinese New Year!


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