Sunday, January 29, 2017

Connecting the Driving Motors to the Motor Control Shield of the Kuman Robot

Recently I received this cool robot from Kuman donated for the Visuino development :-).
It has Remote WiFi control module, Camera, and 4 servos Manipulator.

The robot has 4 main parts that need to come together:

1. The Chassis
2. The Control and Wi-Fi boards
3. The Camera with its Pan and Tilt mount
4. The Manipulator

I already posted Unboxing video - showing the robot coming out of the box, how to assemble the Pan and Tilt Camera Mount, and how to install the Arduino, Motor Shield and the Servo Control Boards.
Here is the next Assembly video, showing how to connect the Driving Motors to the Motor Control Shield:

I am processing the recorded videos of the rest of the assembly, and will post them soon :-). After that, I will start working on programming the robot with Visuino.


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