Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Just received my Arduino Nano and NodeMCU IoT Starter Kit for Visuino development

Today I received my Arduino Nano and NodeMCU IoT Starter Kit for Visuino development from the great folks at Makerfabs!
The inspection revealed that the components in the KIT are as promised of great quality! Thank you Makerfabs . The kit looks great! Will start using it right away, and recording the videos for the IoT Boot Camp .
As you can see from the pictures, the packaging is superb, and the main boards (controllers and OLED display ) are carefully protected from damage including with cushioning on the pins.

The controllers and the OLED Display module came well packaged and with cushioning to prevent damage to the pins (I have tried to lighten the image, so you can see the cushioning more clear ):

The kit also comes with what is probably the smallest form factor NodeMCU module. Will post more individually on this module in the coming days.
Hope to post more about the KIT and the included modules soon, as well as building instructions for number of cool projects that I have planned :-)


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