Thursday, October 06, 2016

My Visuino Sessions at SoCal Code Camp in USC, Los Angeles on November 12th & 13th

I plan to present 2 Visuino sessions at the SoCal Code Camp in USC, Los Angeles on November 12th & 13th:

Implementing Internet of Things with Visuino
Programming Arduino Robots with Visuino

I will also plan to present 2 other sessions, but will announce them separately as they are about Visuino.
You can see the complete list of sessions here:

If you are in the area, please join the sessions. The Conference is Free!
Please also vote for the session, if you plan to attend, so the organizers can assign room with proper size :-)

Last year I attended the conference (You can actually see me on the picture above almost right in the center :-D ), and it was a great event!
Even if you are not interested in my sessions, please check out all the great sessions by the rest of the presenters!

Please note that the site seems to be very popular, and sometimes the server is overwhelmed and timesout. If you get timeout error, please try later again!

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