Friday, November 23, 2018

Received cool ESP-32F Development Board with 1.44inch TFT LCD Screen from MakerHawk-US for the Visuino development!

Couple of days ago, the great folks at MakerHawk-US sent me a cool ESP-32F Development Board with 1.44inch TFT LCD Screen KIT for the Visuino development :-)

Here are some pictures:

Comes well packed in a nice box:

The main ESP32 board the display and an USB cable:

The board powered and running the preprogrammed code:

It also includes speaker, and RGB LED on the front and MicroSD on the back:

I am already looking into how to best support the board in Visuino , and hope to have the support available soon and to start posting tutorials :-)

#Visuino #Arduino #ESP32

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