Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Assemble Elegoo Arduino Robot KIT 3.0 Step 13: Center The Servo

Last year, the great folks at Elegoo sent me one of their great Arduino Robot Kit Version 1.0.
I already posted Assembly Instructions, and some tutorials on programming it.
Couple of month later, they introduced improved Smart Car Arduino Robot KIT Version 2.0 , and also sent me one :-). I posted Assembly Instructions for it too :-). I also mapped the Shield in Visuino , and started work on tutorials.
Elegoo did not stop there however, and few weeks ago I received the Latest Version 3 Arduino Robot Kit donated for the Visuino development!

I already posted:

Unboxing video
Step 1: Installing the Motors on the Chassis
Step 2: Installing and Connecting The Motor Driver Board
Step 3: Installing The Line Tracking Sensor Board on the Chassis
Step 4: Installing The Arduino and Sensor Shield Boards on the Chassis
Step 5: Installing The Battery Box on the Chassis
Step 6: Installing the Servo turning the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 7: Assembling and Installing the Obstacle Avoidance Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 8: Connecting the boards, and joining the 2 layers of the Chassis together
Step 9: Installing the Wheels
Step 10: Charging and Installing the Batteries
Step 11: Installing The HC-08 Bluetooth Module on the Sensor Shield
Step 12: Tidy Up The Cables

Here is the 13th Assembly Video - Center The Servo:

This is the last Assembly video. I have also mapped the Robot's Shield functionality in Visuino, and working to improve it even further.
I even succeeded to post one Video Tutorial on Simple Obstacle Avoidance with the Robot with Visuino:

I will try to make some more Visuino tutorials for the Robot, so stay tuned ;-)


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Kurt Roesener said...

Very Nice!
Can't wait to see it in action.
Chasing smaller bots around and pummeling them :)

Boian Mitov said...

Thank you Kurt Roesener! :-)
Will need a manipulator for this, so I guess will still have to leave it to its bigger brother :-D