Saturday, December 16, 2017

Assemble Elegoo Arduino Smart Car Robot KIT 2.0 Step 17: Tidy Up The Cables

Few months ago the great folks at Elegoo sent me a beautiful Robot Kit Version 1.0.
I already posted Assembly Instructions, and some tutorials on programming it.
Since then Elegoo introduced a newer and simpler to assemble 2.0 version, and the Elegoo folks sent me this really beautiful Smart Car Robot KIT Version 2.0 donated for the Visuino development.

I already posted:

Unboxing video
Step 1: Assembling the Motors.
Step 2: Installing the Motors on the Chassis
Step 3: Installing the Motor Driver Board
Step 4: Installing the Line Following Sensors
Step 5: Installing the Arduino Board and the Sensors Shield
Step 6: Installing  the Infrared Remote Receiver Module

Step 7: Installing the Battery Box on the Chassis
Step 8: Installing the Servo turning the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 9: Assemble the Ultrasonic Ranger
Step 10: Installing the Ultrasonic Ranger on the Servo
Step 11: Installing the Standoffs/Spacers on the Chassis
Step 12: Start Connecting The Cables between the sensors, and the boards
Step 13: Join the 2 layers of the Chassis together, and connect the rest of the cables
Step 14: Installing the Wheels
Step 15: Installing the Batteries
Step 16: Installing the HC-06 Bluetooth Module

I posted all the assembly instructions, but since then I decided to add 2 more steps to have few improvements of the robot, so this is the first of the 2 bonus videos.

Here is the 17th Assembly Video - Tidy Up The Cables:

I have also posted tutorials for assembling the even better Version 3 of the robot, and soon will be posting some more tutorials for all the versions, so stay tuned ;-)


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