Wednesday, October 18, 2017

VideoLab, VisionLab and BasicLab now support Cross Platform Video Capture in Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android!

The work to port all of the Mitov Software libraries to cross platform is rapidly progressing. Almost every day another component or feature is ported! Sometimes however a major functionality gets ported... In the last couple of weeks, I was able to add new cross platform Video Capture Component in VideoLab, VisionLab and BasicVideo!

I have uploaded the latest versions of the libraries with the new capture component, and you can download them from here:

Here are some screenshots of the new functionality:

The new cross platform Video Capture component:

And connected in the OpenWire Editor:

VideoLab Video Capture in Windows:

VideoLab Video Capture in MAC:

VideoLab Video Capture in Android:

I expect to have even more exciting stuff coming in the following weeks so stay tuned! :-)


#Delphi #OpenWire

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