Thursday, October 19, 2017

Just received new cool SM11 Arduino Robot KIT from Kuman for the Visuino development, and posted Unboxing video :-)

This week I received another Cool Arduino Robot SM11 KIT from Kuman donated for the Visuino development :-).
This is a brand new Kuman product, and I received one of their very first sets.

This set is quite different than the SM2 KIT that I have received before:

This set has all the necessary sensors already installed on the chassis, has Rotating Ultrasonic Ranger, infrared obstacle detection and line following sensors, buzzer, and even has LED lights that can be used at night.
It can be programmed as autonomous or remote controlled robot. It has both Infrared Remote and Bluetooth receivers.
The set also includes rechargable batteries and charger for them.
Since the Arduino board is easily detachable, it should be easy to upgrade the board to Mega of other more powerful Arduino, or even install and use Teensy, ESP8266 or ESP32 in the breadboard area.
I will be posting assembly instructions soon, but here is a short unboxing video, and some picture from the parts :-)

This is a stock photo of how the assembled robot looks like:

Here is the unboxing video:

And some pictures of the box and what is included:

I hope you will enjoy the video :-).
Looking forward to assemble it and start programming it with Visuino :-) .


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