Sunday, October 01, 2017

Pictures from the Hackaday LA September Meetup Last Thursday

On Thursday, I attended the Hackaday LA September Meetup .
As always, it was a great event, organized by Dan and Shulie and the rest of the team from Supplyframe DesignLab.

There were 2 presenters:
  • Kalind Carpenter, JPL- "Rapid prototyping techniques for extreme manipulators and mobility platforms" - showcasing some of the prototyping techniques in the development of space robots, and demonstrating some of the robot prototypes.
  • Will Kalman - "Shooting Stars" - showing his gorgeous custom built automatic target tracking telescope with digital camera, and explaining the challenges of dark sky, and bright objects astronomy, and how to process the recorded pictures and videos.

At the end there were also few 2 minute lightning talks, and in one of them I announced the new Visuino Pro for Industrial Control now available as Beta:

Here are some pictures that I took from the event:
Shulie arranging the food:

The preparation of the stage:

And preparation for the recording equipment:

Visuino surrounded by my Robots :

And right next to Visuino a huge Transistor Sward, from the game Transistor:

And no such event will be complete without some Magnificent Arduino and Neopixels powered light sabers:

And some pictures from the gorgeous custom built Schmidt with digital camera, and smaller star tracking telescope:

Shulie opening the event:

Kalind Carpenter from JPL showing 3D printed materials for space robots:

And demonstrating law climbing robots:

The live broadcasting of the event:

Some of the lightning talks at the end:

Including me presenting Visuino Pro:

There was even Arduino powered swards showdown:

And me showing  Visuino to Greg Stevenson from the Orange County Delphi User Group:

Me at front of the gorgeous custom built Schmidt by Will Kalman:

And playing with some of the NASA 3D printed robot prototypes:

As always it was yet another great event! Thank you Dan and Shulie, and the entire Supply Frame Designlab team!
Looking forward to more great Hackaday events in the future :-)

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