Monday, November 13, 2017

Pictures from the Hackaday LA Siperconference 2017

  Saturday I was able to spend few hours at the Hackaday Superconference LA 2017 . The event started Friday afternoon and continued until Sunday evening, but I was able to stay only about half day as Visuino needed more attention.
The Conference also featured a cool PIC32 based Hackable Badge with built in camera and OLED screen:

And a bag full of goodies some of them shown on the pictures here:

And me being a Software Developer, I jumped into battle mode with one of my Visuino Programmed Kuman Robots, as soon as I saw a HexBug :-D
You can see a video of me getting the bug on Twitter:
Visuino Robt vs. HexBug

A good Conference starts with seamless Registration:

And getting a cool Conference T-Shirt:

All the locations were packed:

And so was the Hacking and Workshop tents area:


And how can you have Hackaday, without Pirates :-) :


I had a chance to do a small demo of programming Robots with Visuino:

I did this tutorial:

And then showed few other Robot projects. I will post video tutorials for them soon!

And no Conference is complete without great food, and... Espresso!

All the way to the evening:

With never stopping hacking:

And Robot presentations (Including some of my robots on the left):

All culminating with a Night Party:

Featuring arcade games:

Even real old school Pinball and Pac-Man:


And me and my Visuino programmed Robots, just before leaving:


As expected this was a fantastic event organized by the great people of Hackaday, and Supplyframe , and I am looking forward to be at the next SoperCon, and hopefully to have more time to spend there next time :-)


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Unknown said...

Looks Like a great time, Boian. The one guy looks like he jumped out of an Alexander Dumas

Boian Mitov said...

Thank you Adrian Gall. I think they were going for Pirates look :-D

Unknown said...

Yes Boian, he missed the mark to look like old "Red Beard", but he
could pass for D'Artagnan or Porthos. Good try though ! :-}

Unknown said...

it is great, i congratulate you and wish you continued success :)

Boian Mitov said...

Thank you Ahmet Yeşilçimen :-)

varshini said...

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