Monday, October 15, 2018

My "Video Processing with Delphi Part 7 (Video Capture from Web Cameras, IP Cameras, TV Tuners, Web Streams, Generate, Record, Broadcast, and Receive Video)" article in the Blaise Pascal Magazine is published :-)

And my 7th Video Processing with Delphi is now published in the Blaise Pascal Magazine :-)
In the previous articles I introduced you to many of the cool features of VideoLab, playing filtering and morphing videos. I also showed you how you can create cool video effects and animate them with AnimationLab. I even showed you how you can render InstrumentLab gauges, and clocks inside the video, and how you can render the video in variety of 2D and 3D surfaces.

In this article, I demonstrate how easy it is to capture from variety of devices or online video streams, generate your own video, and how to record or broadcast the captured or generated video.

In the article I used the latest VideoLab features, added recently. They are not available in the official VideoLab, release yet, so if you want to follow the article, you should download and install the latest prerelease that I posted recently here:

You can get the magazine from the Blaise Pascal Magazine website here.

Here are some pages from the article:

Please enjoy :-)
I am already working on the next Article, so stay tuned ;-)

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