Monday, May 14, 2018

Pictures from the Arduino Day organized by Hackerspace LA at Toolbox Los Angeles last Saturday

Last Saturday I was presenting Visuino  at the Arduino Day event organized by Hackerspace LA and hosted at Toolbox LA :-)
Here is more information about the event as well as plenty of pictures of me presenting:

Here are also some pictures that I took from the event:

Unpacking my Robots for the show:

All my toys and Visuino:

The Hackerspace LA display area and toys:

Programming Cell Phone Arduino Shields presented by Alex Fraga:

The gathering crowd:

No Arduino event is complete without Food, Coffee and Refreshments:

Jorge Cornejo from Hackerspace LA presenting Arduino:

Some of the participants with their cool projects and heated discussions:

Toolbox LA is really a great place for makers, and startups!

Here are more pictures of the event, including pictures of me doing my Visuino presentation:

It was a great event, and I am looking forward to meet the Hackerspace Los Angeles people again :-)

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