Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The very first Visuino Pro Beta version with Modbus support is now available!

Happy Pi Day everyone!
The very first Visuino Pro Beta version is now available in the Visuino community!

It includes Modbus Slave support, and allows easily to create Modbus SCADA enabled projects, turning your Arduinos into Modbus compatible PLCs .

Master Modbus support is also in development and should be available soon! :-)

To celebrate, I have also increased the time you can run the free Visuino versions to 10 minutes every time you run :-)

Cheers everyone,

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Unknown said...

can i buy the pro version of visuino???

Regards Matthias

Ingenious Robotics said...
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Ingenious Robotics said...

I bought Standard Visuino but on the site I do not see the upgrade to Pro.
This Visuino is all a mystery...