Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Assemble SNARM500/SNAM1900 4DOF Arduino Robot Manipulator Arm Step 7: Finish and Program with Visuino

     I have finished the 7th and final assembly video on the Arduino Robot Manipulator Arm .

The Manipulator is based on the original MeArm manipulator:

I already posted :

Unboxing Video
Step 1: Assemble the Base
Step 2: Assembly Video - Install the side servos
Step 3: Assembly Video - Assemble the Servos Block
Step 4: Assembly Video - Prepare and Install the Rotating Base
Step 5: Assembly Video - Assemble the Joints
Step 6: Assembly Video - Assemble the Claw

And here is the 7th Assembly Video - Finish and Program with Visuino

Here is the Visuino project from the video:

I am preparing the rest of the Assembly videos and will post them in the following days.

After that I will try to make some Visuino tutorials for the Manipulator.


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