Friday, January 10, 2020

Just received LabJack U3-LV and T4 donated for the SignalLab and OpenWire Studio development + Unboxing Video

Just received 2 cool LabJack modules donated for the SignalLab and OpenWire Studio development!

Lately I have been posting mostly Visuino related updates. It is understandable. Visuino has become very popular, and there are so many new modules, gadgets, and cool robots that I keep receiving and adding in it.
This however does not mean that I have stopped work on the Mitov Software libraries. In fact not only the existing libraries have undergone major upgrade, and expansion, but there is a new library under development. The new library however will be left to be a surprise ;-)
There is also even bigger surprise hopefully coming soon to OpenWire Studio so stay tuned ;-)

Couple of days ago, I received these 2 modules from LabJack:

  • U3-LV - USB controlled module
  • T4 - USB and Ethernet controlled module

Both modules support Modbus and also have streaming functionality. The T4 even supports internal Lua scripting.
This means that both modules can be accessed from ControlLab over Modbus, and I will be working to add streaming support for them in SignalLab.

I also made Unboxing video:

And here are the modules:

I have already connected and tested the LabJack U3-LV module, installed the drivers, and have studied the Modbus registers. I plan to do some Modbus testing with it from ControlLab today, and in the following days will start work on the SignalLab streaming.

Hope to post more updates and videos on the LabJack support in ControlLab and SignalLab, so stay tuned :-)


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