Friday, July 22, 2016

And yet another Great Gift from Kurt Roesener for Visuino :-)

Kurt Roesener surprised me with another gift this week :-)
I was working around the clock to finish the new improved Curie support in Visuino, and was not able to blog earlier, but finally today have found a gap, and here it is:

A Raspberry Pi Zero, and WeMos D1 :-)
The WeMos D1 mapping should be available in the next version, and Raspberry Pi surely will come handy when I start working on a Pi version :-).

Thank you Kurt for your continuous generosity, and constant support for the Visuino Community!
With his usual honesty, Kurt insisted that I should mention that he received the Pi Zero as a bonus from the MagPi Magazine subscription, and he donates it as he already has 5 others.

#Arduino #Visuino

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