Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Just received another great board for the Visuino development - FemtoUSB!

Just received another fantastic Arduino compatible board - FemtoUSB available here .
Not only is it Arduino compatible, but it is ARM based which opens a lot more possibilities for the future ;-). It is miniature, one of the smallest controller boards that I have seen (competing with bare ESP-12 module), and comes with cool onboard RGB LED .
This board is courtesy of the great Femto.IO people. They have some really cool stuff, and I hope to support it all in the future :-)

Here are some pictures:

Here is the powered up board with the cool LED cycling through RGB colors :-) :

I have placed it next to a Nano to show how small it really is. The Nano looks huge next to it...

Hope to have it supported in Visuino in the next couple of days :-)


#Visuino #Arduino

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