Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mitov Software libraries version 7-8-0-0 are now available including support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin

The official 7-8-0-0 release of all the libraries is now available - www.mitov.com .
The release is for RAD Studio XE8, 10 Seattle, and 10.1 Berlin.
The version also includes Visual Studio .NET 2010 to 2015 support.

WARNING! There is a major compiler bug in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin!
Embarcadero is working to fix it and release Hotfix for it. Until the compiler is fixed, the OSX support for libraries is available only in 10 Seattle. Android support for Mitov.Runtime, OpenWire, Visual Live Bindings, AnimationLab, LogicLab, and InteligenceLab is available for both 10.1 Berlin, and 10 Seattle.

This is a major release. A large number of filters now support optional parallel multi-core and OpenCL GPU processing, and a number of filters have been design as platform independent, and can be used inside OSX. PlotLab comes with the OSX libraries.

Here are the major new features and changes:

  • Added RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin support
  • PlotLab now support OSX
  • Removed the old .NET 2.0 Assemblies from the .NET versions
  • Added LogicLab and CommunicationLab versions for .NET
  • In VideoLab added Negative, Solarize, and Unsharp components with Multi-core, and OpenCL GPU implementations
  • In VideoLab new mirrored border processing Multi-core, and OpenCL GPU Morph filter, all the Box Filters, Wiener Filter, Gaussian Blur, and Rectangle Kernel filter implementation
  • In VideoLab new Multi-core, and OpenCL GPU Image Adjust component
  • Added Visual Live Binding property editors
  • Added Reset to Default property editors
  • Added Enum property editors
  • Added Class events property editors
  • Added Multi-Event property editors
  • Improved RTSP/IPCamera support
  • Added option to Enable the processing engines
  • In SignalLab, AudioLab, VideoLab, VisionLab, BasicAudio and BasicVideo introduced MAC support for some of the components when compiling with source code
  • In SignalLab Added SaveBufferSizes for TSLLogger and TSLPlayer
  • In AudioLab Added Flush for the Audio Mixer
  • In VisionLab New Multi-core, and OpenCL GPU Adaptive Threshold filter implementation
  • In IntelligenceLab KNN training is now accessible from code
  • In IntelligenceLab added Weight for training and recognition for KNN and RBF
  • In IntelligenceLab added Multiprocessor and GPU support for KNN
  • In IntelligenceLab added option to Enable the processing engines
There is a lot more in this release. There is also a new release of OpenWire Studio, and all the libraries are capable of loading using OpenWire Studio projects in Delphi, C++ Builder and .NET.

I hope you will enjoy the new release, and hopefully the OSX 10.1 Berlin Compiler will be fixed soon, and there will be a new release with the 10.1 OSX support.

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